MTM Clear Aligners

Do you have open spaces between your teeth or mild crowding that you would like to correct? Do your teeth have tipping, rotated, or midline discrepancy you would like to correct? Have you thought of traditional braces or clear braces but don't want to go through the hassle of wearing metal brackets or other attachments on your teeth? MTM Aligners might be an option for you!

MTM stands for Minor Tooth Movement. MTM has patented technology that allows the dentist to move teeth without ever placing anything on the tooth other than a clear tray. MTM is similar to other clear aligner brands, like Invisalign, but does not need to place plastic buttons on the tooth for movement. Also, treatment can sometimes be faster than other clear aligner therapies. For more informations about MTM Clear Aligners, ask Dr. Leffler or Dr. Herman or visit MTM Clear Aligners website.